Three Tips for Domain Name Creation December 19, 2017

Choosing a domain name is sometimes the hardest part of creating a website and securing your company’s online presence. Think about it this way – how many website addresses do you know by heart? There is a good chance that all the sites you know by name have fairly short domain names, and use words that are easy to spell and remember. That is why you must look at our three tips for domain name creation before you choose yours.

  1. Tying a Domain Name to Your Brand Name

The best way to create a great domain name is to have a link between it and your brand name. If you have not chosen a brand name, do that first. You do not want any confusion about your domain name, or when people come across your site name on Google. They should immediately identify your site name based on your brand name, and vice versa.

  1. Do Not Obsess About Keywords

It is understandable why you may obsess about keywords when you are choosing a domain name. But that is a mistake. Yes, keywords matter, but they are not the most important aspect of the name. Choose something that is short, catchy and easy to remember. That is what counts the most.

  1. Do Not Be Too Clever

Sometimes companies have a tendency to become too smart for their own good when it comes to a domain name. If the name you wanted is taken, do not try and cheat by shortening the name or using a random spelling. You may think it is clever, but we can guarantee that most people have no clue how to spell that domain name.

After you have chosen the domain name that appeals to you the most, you can visit a site like to ensure that you register that domain permanently.

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